30 Day Race Walking Challenge Day 5

Today I was really tired after work. The job I do is mentally and physically draining every day. That’s the nature of the beast. I had decided to go to the local YMCA which is next to an active walking/running park called Jervey Gantt. This is a beautiful park that has exercise equipment and several ways you can run their course. I had written about it last month in more detail.

My plans were to do a two mile race walk on the running course and then go inside the YMCA to work on their nautilus machines. When I work out with weights or nautilus machines I do not do heavy weights. I do more repetitions with lighter weights so I do not bulk up. Lately in the state of Florida we have had consistent rain for several months without any signs of slowing down.

When I arrived at the YMCA there were very black clouds, thunder and lightning in the distance. I was doing the old way of telling how far a storm is to me by counting seconds between the thunder and lightning. (Thunder) one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand (Lightening). I’m thinking the storm is three miles away which gave me plenty of time to do the 2-miles.

I quickly dressed in my car with no prying eyes around, grabbed my mp3 player and headed to the course. While fast walking noticed when I went by the YMCA that there was an aerobics class going on and it was packed. I thought that one of these days I was going to join one of those classes like I did in college. What I remembered about it was that it kicked my butt. Aerobics may look easy but really it isn’t.

Halfway around the running course I noticed the clouds and thunder was really close to me. All I could think is was I going to get caught in the rain and lightning. I just kept my eyes looking more down so I could ignore what I had just see. By the time I got back to the YMCA it was lightening all around me but I did manage to get safely inside. Inside the YMCA it was not as crowded as it usually is. I did a good workout and then headed home to have dinner with my family.

During the race walking I tried different methods of walking to try to go faster than I was going. I am going to have to watch more videos on the race walking technique because at times I seemed to have been more running then walking. This is what it seems when I watch the professional race walkers in a race. Most professional race walkers look more like they are cheating at walking than they are walking like a regular person does. Part of my 30 day challenge will be to learn the correct technique and to walk much faster than I am now. I am also hoping to have my calves hell up so I can run again.

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