30 Day Race Walking Challenge Day 6

Today I do not have a lot of time. Between the long hours at work and the honey-due list I have at home, I only have tome to do a 1-1/4 mile race walk. Once I do get home I like to ask my wife how her day is and also ask my some how was his school day. Then I go in the back to get dressed for my race walk. We have a dog named Briley who is either a whippet or an Italian Grey Hound, at least that is what the vet says. My wife and son a year ago had surprised me when they brought Briley home from the pound.

To me it was not a good surprise but if it makes them happy then I am (somewhat) happy. This pet of ours is starting to know when I am getting dressed for a run or a race walk. She could have just gotten back from a long walk with my wife and she still thinks I am going to take her out. What a weirdo! I have not trained her on a run yet because I have not completely heeled in my calf muscles to concentrate running with a dog. I tried one time and she thinks its a game and starts to growl, chew on the leash and run circles around me. Again, what a weirdo!

Scott Michael and Briley

When I get dresses I usually will stretch my back, calves, thighs and even my arms in my bedroom. This pet gives me the eyes like she is hypnotizing me to take her out. If that doesn’t work she nibbles at my face or begins licking my legs or arms. When I am done stretching I have to trick her by giving her a treat, which I throw in the living room so she can fetch, then I run out the garage door. Do I feel bad? Maybe a little but once I get on the road the thoughts of her goes away. Hee Hee.

Tina and Briley

Away I went on my race walk for the mile and a quarter distance. I think I am getting the technique down but on occasion I go back to walking fast which does not have any type of technique, besides putting one foot in front of the other as fast as I can. The time seemed to go by fast and then I was done with day 6 of my 30-day race walk challenge. I am looking forward to day 7 so I can say I completed at least one week of the 30-day challenge.

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