30 Day Race Walking Challenge Day 7

I was totally excited for this day of race walking. It was the end of the first week, 7-days, of my 30-day race walk challenge. I did not know if I had it in me to even get this far since race walking is new to me. I think I am finally getting it down. I do not have the Achilles and calf muscle problems as I did when running. My calves injury does let me know, they are still with me when I stretch at night. The first video will show you before I start and the 2nd video is when I am finished.

I had some complications in today’s race walk and was out of breath. Like I mentioned before, when you properly race walk it can give you some of the same experiences as you have with running. Your muscles can get tired, you are pumping your arms as you run, your breathing increases if you don’t control it and you have to concentrate on proper technique. It is not exactly like running but it can come close the faster you go.

Race walking definitely requires practice. You can do Fartleks, ¼ mile intervals and distance to improve. Believe it or not many professional race walkers run as part of their staying in shape for race walking. To be good at race walking you need to practice most every day and try it out in a 5K race to see where you are.

All in all I was happy to reach my first milestone in my 30 day race walking challenge even though it was a tough one.

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