30 Day Race Walking Challenge Day 8

Today is the first day of week two on my 30 day race walking challenge. Because it was Sunday it was a busy morning with going to church, running errands and spending time with my family. My son has joined a middle school age soccer team at the YMCA and thinks he can get by with just his looks. At last weeks practice he did pretty well but in order to be good at anything you need to practice. Sounds familiar to the runners, doesn’t it?

Once my son got on the soccer field to practice with me he really enjoyed himself. It’s just kind of shocking that being outside running around is more a nuisance to him than fun. Like many parents my age they would say, we were always outside playing until we were forced to come in. After an hour of having fun practicing soccer I told my son that I needed to now practice my race walking.

Because it was getting late I decided to race walk the 1-1/4 mile course I usually run which is around my neighborhood. I must have had a lot of energy from playing soccer with my son because I was able to race walk the whole distance at a good pace and without stopping. Overall it was a good race walking day.

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