30 Day Race Walking Challenge Day 9

Mentally tiredToday is a mentally tiring day for me. It might have been from the Eclipse that had taken the United States people by storm or it might have been that I was just tired. One of the advantages of not having a challenge is when you don’t feel like running or race walking on a particular day, you can skip it. This is not the case for me. By the end of this work day I was mentally tired. Thoughts kept running through my head of not race walking and maybe I could make it up the next day.

I had brought my running clothes and shoes in my car so when I left work and even with the thought of abandoning today’s race walk I drove to my local YMCA. I called my wife to let her know I was going to the YMCA so she knows what I’m doing after work (or in case she had plans for us) but she did not answer her cell. I started thinking more positive even though I was tired and put the thought in my head that I could quickly get it over with by making the first step.

When I go to the “Y” I usually like race walking one to two miles at the park next to the “Y” and then finish off by working on some nautilus equipment. The park has a two mile course but can be broken down to one mile if need to. Once I got into my race walk I had decided to do the two miles. This is usually what I do at times. I plan for one distance but usually will do more.

When I got back to the “Y” to work on some nautilus I noticed in the window was my 13 year old son with his friend on a stair-master. I was guessing that possibly my wife was in there as well. At times when I go to the “Y” my wife will drop off my son who enjoys the racketball and some of the nautilus equipment. After logging in I went to the workout room and did see my wife on a treadmill.

She said she did call me back after a while but could not reach me. I told her it was because I did not take my cell phone on the race walk. Her friend who son is our son’s friend had called my wife to see if my son wanted to come to the “Y” to be with her son. At first my wife thought that she would just run up and drop of my son but when she got there decided to work out a little.

After I finished my workout I went to a bench by the front desk and waited until my wife was finished. Over all it was a good day to race walk and I was glad I kept my 30-day race walk challenge in tact.

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