Cross Train With a Bike

One of the tough things for a runner to do is anything but run when it comes to performing better. There are so many different running practices a runner can do such as distance, intervals and hills so why would anyone want to do anything else. The reason why it is good to cross train is it will work different muscles that you normally would not use when running and will help to benefit you more as a complete runner.

Over the years running has evolved with different techniques of training. I have seen professional runners cross train with weights, swimming and yoga. Most of the time a runner will only cross train when he or she is injured. They want to continue to be in shape but running is not possible because of the injury. Cross training is much more important for the beginner and intermediate runner because it will give their body’s time to rest certain muscles.

Today I had decided to bike instead of run. I use a mountain bike that has different gears. I will bike at a certain speed to push myself so I can feel the benefits of what this workout is doing. The course I bike is from my house to a state park which is a little over a mile a way, then bike the course which is 3 miles and then bike home. When finish I really feel it in my front thigh muscles near my knee.

These muscles are important especially when you run a race that has hills. Biking is really not my thing but I will continue to do it because it benefits my running in the long run.

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