Jervey Gantt Park is a Great place to run

Jervey Gantt Park Running trail No matter where I live I have always been able to section off courses for running from my house, apartment or condo to the distance I wanted to run. It has been from a ¼ mile to 10 miles and would usually start and end at the place I live. There also has been parks, trails and tracks in which I could drive to and run. Yesterday one place I went to was called Jervey Gantt park in Ocala Florida. It has been a few years since I had been there because of injuries or having to work long hours or travel in the jobs I am in.

Jervey Gantt is a nice park which is easy to get to and not too far from my home. Before age and injuries started setting in I would put my running clothes on in my car and when I got off of work I would head to a park like Jervey Gantt and run. I know it can be dangerous but many times I would change my clothes while I was driving but most of the time it would be at a stop light. I did not want to lose any time for running and getting home to my family.

Many times I get an impulse during the day or before a run and change my schedule or the distance I wanted to run. Yesterday was just like that. For some reason I decided to run at Jervey Gantt park and was glad I had an extra set of running clothes in my car. Jervey Gantt is a 2-mile curvy course that use to be mostly a dirt course and it was broken up into a 3-4 parts that all connected. It is next to a dog park called Letty Towels Dog Park who is the founder of the dog park. It has a football field in the middle, a playground, gazebos for BBQing, grilles, several little league baseball diamonds and a public swimming pool. This park is a non-stop park for fun.

Letty Towels Dog Park
Work out stations

When I got there, which was around 5:30 pm, there were not many people there. After stretching I started to run on the course and noticed that the whole course was actually paved. There were also several commercial exercise stations all around this 2 mile course that would make a local gym jealous. The whole place looked exciting and inviting. I had planned to run two laps if possible but only ran one two -mile lap. For some reason my lungs felt tight and my past injury (Calf & Achilles) started to be felt.

I run with the Copper Fit knee and leg support because for some reason my muscles do not pull like they would if I were not wearing any knee or leg support. On occasion I would wear a compression socks but by trial and error on certain products I seem to do better with the Copper Fit support. It took all I had mentally to go the distance on this day. I think part of the problem was the pace I was running. I meant to only do a slow jog but my nature has always forced me to push the pace.

I got through it and was glad I had at least finished two miles. I will take the next couple of days cross training so as to not put too much pressure on my calf. I still need to loose weight which can be part of my problem for having injuries but I will certainly be back running at Jervey Gantt park since it is a fun experience and place to run here in Ocala Florida.

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