My Favorite Workouts

Special awards WonIn these following pages you will find the basic training that I had done in my high school years which led me to be one of the top runners in the county and state where I grew up. Some of these principals I had to self teach myself and some of the others were shown to me by my coach or I had observed watching professional runners. At my time and area not many schools took cross country seriously so the coaches had to be a jack of all trades.

Use these pages as a guideline and tweak these workouts to fit your own style. Always remember to have fun, run relaxed and train always.


DISTANCE TRAINING – Nothing’s better for the complete runner.

FARTLEKS – Speed-play and fun at it’s best.

220/110 INTERVAL – Build up your speed with little effort.

HILL RUNNING – Enhances Stamina and endurance.

1-MILE INTERVALS – Learn to pace for distance racing.

1/4 MILE INTERVALS – Learn to pace for racing success.