My Story

Dad-Daughter Runners

What’s there to say, I’m a Dad, a Husband, a running blogger and many times outspoken. I use to be a great runner but now I am a little over weight, Bald and still Love the sport of running. My 2 reliefs of life are running and talking with people, especially those that run. I love to video tape running events, writing about them and sometimes run and video at the same time.

I live in Ocala Florida with my wife (who was a runner) and son, I have a daughter who is a school teacher who started me back into going to running events a few years ago. I feel I have done a few things right but I have an opinion on things I see and am not afraid to tell you. I coached my daughter in running and with my additional training she was able to lower her PR time within a months time.

I Love God but most Church preachers are boring and robotic. It is very hard to find a preacher that would talk to its congregation as if they were just talking to them and not being too preachy. (My Opinion)

I like to blog, tweet and run. I wish I had more time in the day to do all three. My favorite foods are Fettachini Alfredo, Good Italian sausage and meatballs, Breakfast with eggs, bacon and grits (my wife introduced me to grits), Bagel with cream cheese and tomato slices, Pizza, Fried Chicken from Publix supermarket, Tacos and a good Thick Hamburger.

I like buying things on Amazon, fishing, relaxing and sometimes being alone. I have a mother who lives near by and have 1 brother and a 1 sister. I also have a dog named Briley who is an Italian Greyhound/Whippet and a cat which is a Mancoon.

I would Love to hear any comments or thoughts you may have and I hope you enjoy this blog.